Pabo Latino

Pabo Latino
Featuring three halls and two bars of sheer class, Pabo Latino is an oasis of Latin culture in a country where human warmth is far from overwhelming. A tough but fair door policy keeps the low life out, meaning what you get inside is a well behaved bunch of good-looking people out for a fun evening in pleasant albeit sometimes frenetic surroundings. The music is both live and courtesy of DJs, the cocktail menu is massive and if you don't know how to dance Latin style, they even organise lessons for anyone willing to give it a go.

Entrance free or €4.5 - 9. 

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Pabo Latino Comments

  • Discothèque vraiment géniale. Avons passé une superbe soirée.
  • WORST PLACE EVER!!!! I wouldnt recommend it, unfriendly people, bad music, motherfucker bouncer..... dont waste your time with this place.
  • Rafael,,you missed absolutely nothing! its a horrible place!
  • Well,,,,,, lets just say thay we wanted to enjoy the night out in a latino party. We could not be more disapointed when the ex siberian resident bouncer making use of his ignorance, treated us like intrusive people. He seemed disgusted by our presence. Pushed us out and slammed the door on my girlfriends face. We never got to even take a look at the club. Dont even know we missed anything. Seemed to have a very mafia like allure to it. Kind of you need to beg a BOUNCER.... Come on... I would say if you want to party feeling appreciated by locals and have a wonderfull night out go to Estonia
  • Great place for 40 something year old foreign businessmen to meet local women, beautiful club and decor, nice salsa music at the beginning of the evening, but can get crowded,.... plenty of 25 - 40 something year old women clearly looking for adventure.
  • Terrible.service worst can t be. Even yesterday night no ice in the drinks after 3 h.Cheap music jon bon jovi ghostbusters old song 25 years ago.DJ go to find new work!!
  • Nice place...saw my dreamgirl there last summer....need to go back
  • Possibly the worst place on the Vilnius party scene. We tried it for my wife's birthday who is Lithuanian. I made a reservation only to be refused by a clueless door staff. First he said the club was closed then after me refusing to stand down to this idiotic behavior I got in. We were dressed nice ready to spend money and felt offended by the start. I spoke to the Manager...he agreed with me but did zero to make the situation better. The funny thing is we were the only table buying drinks. So if you have money to buy drinks and your well dressed..they simply don't want you. Maybe I will show up in a garbage bag next time.....Finished my bottle and waled away is shock....but there is some good to this story...Brodvejus club is meters away and welcomes you with open arms. Pabo and Staff..YOU BLEW IT!!! If you are disgusted as I am let them know you will write a response online.
  • Last nite two of my mates went to that place and got severely beaten up inside it - one of them - a chap from the UK - got his jaw broken in three places. This incident is (reluctantly) investigated by Vilnius police, hopefully they will find the bastards who did it.
  • A club to be avoided. Music is from boring to unbearable, unless you are a fanatic of Latin rhythms mixed occasionally with some international blockbusters. If you like friendly and relaxed atmospheres, this is NOT your place. If you are looking for Lithuanian atmosphere, this is NOT your place. A lot of men are foreigners (tourists, expatriates...), while most of women are Lithuanian. Among the men you can find a lot above 45 making a face only comprehensible if they were smelling a piece of shit stick under their nose. A lot of girls are cute but they usually are looking just for a man owning a full wallet and exhibit from posh to very posh manners. I was here three times (two more than necessary) and, although I did not foresee any fight, there is always a feeling of tension in the air. Summarizing: save the 30 Litas that they are going to charge you in the entrance and go to any other place. Buddha 311 and Woo are very near. THIS IS A SERIOUS ADVICE.
  • Worst experience ever! If you want to be turned around at the door even if you have a reservation, this is the place to go. Only two out of our party of six were deemed suitable to the club's so called "standards." The manager apparently has no control over the security guards who work at the door, which, I think, is a load of BS. None in our group didn't meet the entrance criteria outlined on their site, and the guards were unable to explain to us what was the reason we got turned away, besides stating that some of us didn't pass the "face control." Face control? What on earth does that mean? This place will never have my business and I will also advise all my friends against visiting it.
  • During the summer months Pabo is the place to be. Two separate levels (one inside that played salsa) and an open sky/air inner courtyard (playing main stream music such as black eye peas, etc.). This open sky/air area is what makes Pabo special. It is bordered by Victorian style balconies that overlook the dance area on the ground floor below. The look and the atmosphere in the Pabo's courtyard, makes for an amazing nightlife experience on nights when the weather cooperates (probably not often in the Baltic). Over 30 even over 40 aged crowd will be very happy and comfortable at Pabo too. Locals seem to truly enjoy dancing. Lots of single hot eye candy providing plenty of eye contact and sexy smiles. If you like sour-sweet drinks, they make excellent caipirinhas. Huge .50L draft beer runs about about US$3. The staff was friendly (even the bouncers - a rarity in Europe). The bar man was there immediately when I approached the bar after my second round of drinks (I noticed that most locals did not buy many drinks so he must have been happy that we were there to consume). Without a doubt, this is the best place that I have been in Europe, but be aware to be a WOW experience has to be on a clear day when the weather cooperates (no rain). Rain and cold weather would make the courtyard unusable and then Pabo would only offer your typical European nightclub inner space (although still very nice). The place got really hoping at 1am, but we had to leave at 2am to catch a bus to the airport. We wished we had been in Vilnius one extra night just to be able to go back to Pabo. Pabo management must be proud they are doing a great job.
  • i am not tall, blonde or female, but i have had always a good time at pavo latino......the bar staff always serve me , even if i wasn't leaving a tip...
  • bad service. stupid tip policy. owner should change that
  • Lovely set-up, cocktails and music. No security on the main floor of the club, only at the door. Very strange.


Thu 21:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat 21:00 - 05:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun.


Trakų 3/2


(+370) 5 262 10 45


Credit Cards City centre location Live Music Smoking place Air-conditioning

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